Tampering With Digital Evidence
Tampering With Digital Evidence

Tampering With Digital Evidence

With our society’s increasing use of and dependence upon digital information, electronic records can oftentimes play an important role in criminal cases. Whether the evidence is in the form of an email, document, image, or other format, it is essential for the integrity of any case that the evidence being used has not been damaged or altered. All evidence, whether physical or digital, must be properly recorded, prepared, and utilized in compliance with legal regulations and standards.

If you have been accused of tampering with digital or physical evidence, it is highly advisable that you consult with a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. They can help you to ensure that you are not subject to a prosecution that is based upon flawed or improper evidence.

Dubious Evidence

Charges of tampering with evidence can carry serious consequences, and if a person is convicted of multiple criminal acts, the penalties are likely to be significantly greater. But, evidence tampering can be carried out by either party in a criminal case. It is important that the evidence used in a case is properly presented and factual. Digital evidence especially likely to factor into the following kinds of case:

  • Theft involving intellectual property
  • Lewd or pornographic materials
  • Embezzlement
  • Financial crimes
  • Extortion

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