Lawyer Adem Erol
Lawyer Adem Erol

Lawyer Who Was Attacked by 4 People Was Hospitalized

The incident occurred at about 20:30 in a restaurant next to the Samsun Courthouse in the Kilicdede District of Samsun. According to the information obtained, Adem Erol, one of the lawyers of the Samsun Bar Association, met his client, who called him by phone, at a restaurant next to the lawyer’s office.

Adem Erol, who was attacked by 4 people who were alleged to be the enemies of his client who came here, was hospitalized with blood as a result of one of the attackers hitting him in the head with a gun hilt. The injured lawyer was taken to Gazi State Hospital by ambulance and treated.

Adem Erol, who said that while talking to his client, 4 people who came in at once attacked him and one of the attackers hit him in the head with a gun hilt, said: “I was in my office. My client called me by phone and invited me to dinner for a meeting, and I went to meet him here.

He’s only been gone a minute. I was attacked by 4 people who were opponents of my client who came to the restaurant. They hit me in the head with the gun hilt and ran away,” he said.

The police went after the attackers, who fled the scene. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

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