Know The Employment Laws Before Joining Any Organisation
Know The Employment Laws Before Joining Any Organisation

Know The Employment Laws Before Joining Any Organisation

Over the years, employees have been victimized, while others succumb to unemployment at times without the slightest of a compensation package. This has widely been contributed to by ignorance on the part of individuals, companies or organizations in failure to be in touch with government rules and regulations with regard to employment laws. These companies tend to illicit negative influences in the eyes of the public.

It has been noted with concern that many companies have a hard time trying to keep pace with the ever-changing laws and other corporate responsibilities. Many of them have fallen into legal tussles with various trade unions for failing to keep up with these regulations. This may in turn be very costly to your organization in terms of finance and reputation.

Commonly overlooked employee laws are those with regard to the physically challenged for they may require specially desired facilities to aid their day to day operations in their working environment. Companies are known to distance themselves from employing those physically challenged which is wrong under employment laws.

There is also the issue of age. There are companies especially in emerging economies that use underage persons as a source of cheap labor. This is wrong as the human resources are a vital cog in the wheel of the company and should be remunerated well. Employers should also stick to the stipulated limits of wages.

There are also certain benefits that an employee is entitled to as per the law and should be provided by the employer. Such benefits are health cover, social security, insurance cover etc. This too may be basis on which legal action can be taken.

Some employers go ahead to employ foreigners so as to benefit from cheap labor since this is unlawful as per employment regulations which states no foreigner can be allowed to work within that specific country without a valid working permit. In cases where these foreigners have valid working permits, employers may a times place inhuman conditions such as overworking them without overtime pay which may attract serious disciplinary actions.

Employment unions were formed to cater for the rights of the various working professions. Employers, organizations and companies should see to it that they keep updating themselves with the ever emerging laws as far as employment is concerned to avoid becoming victims of legal tussles that would discredit them and cause financial losses incurred in settling the law suits filed against them

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