A Closer Look at Employment Law
A Closer Look at Employment Law

A Closer Look at Employment Law

Anyone that has experienced discrimination or unfair treatment in the workplace knows how difficult it can be to get fair treatment after the incident, particularly if your employer is a large company. You have to go through management, HR, and several other departments just to find someone who will listen to you. And often, instead of sympathy and help, you employer will start treating you like a troublemaker. However, the federal government and most states have put laws in place to protect employees from discriminatory treatment. Employment law is a law field that specializes in protecting employee and employer rights. Listed below are a few common problems that arise in the workplace.

Age discrimination happens when promotions or pay raises are withheld from someone because of their age. It also might arise if an older employee is let go in favor of hiring a younger person to do the same job or vice versa. Similar to age discrimination are race, sex, disability, and religious discrimination. Being passed over for opportunities or being fired because of any of these factors is a serious legal issue. Other common areas of employment law include retaliation and whistle blowing cases. Retaliation is a wrongful termination of employment or demotion for discriminatory causes. A whistle blowing case involves an employee that raises concerns about any wrongdoing that is occurring in a company, causing the company to retaliate against the employee. You should feel like you can do your best in the workplace without distractions. Employment law ensures fair treatment for both employees and employers.

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